Frax Technologies offers a number of different technology services, focusing on both the consumer and small business markets. The four key areas we provide service in are: Computer Services, Custom Computers, Web Design and Networking.

Where is the first place you go if you are looking for a product or to answer a question? For many people today the answer would Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Whether you are a blogger or a small business owner, having your own website is cruitial to bringing in more money, be it from ad revenue or just getting more people walking through the door. With my Web Design services, I offer total web packages to suit any need. Whether you are a blogger looking to make the jump to your own site or a small business looking to pull in more customers, Frax Technologies can design a web marketing program to suit your needs. If you have a small business and you don’t have a website, you are missing out on the best, and cheapest, form of advertising you could possibly get! Many people think that having a website is either too expensive to setup or too hard to maintain, but with the web marketing packages offered by Frax Technologies, I can show you just how inexpensive and easy it is to pull in more customers.

My Computer Services focuse on Computer Repair, Data Recovery, Upgrades, and New Computer Migration and Setup. With these services, we can do everything form help you setup and opimize your new computer, to upgrading it, to keeping it running for years to come. My goal in this area is to keep more people from having to buy new computers by making sure the systems they have are setup right, run right, upgraded when need be, and fixed when it is benificial to you, the customer. My philosophy is the best way to save money on a new computer is to keep the one you have!

When it does come time to get a new computer (let’s face it, you can’t keep the same one forever!), Frax Technologies also offers Custom Computers. The two key features that make a custom built computer better than a store bought computer are value and performance. Many times, for less than what you would spend on a pre-built computer, Frax Technologies can build you a computer that will preform better. How do we do this? Using off the shlef parts that are better, and faster, than what manufactures use without having the markup that is required for their whole distribution chain. We also leave out all the “bloatware,” the programs that come preinstalled on many store bought computers that most people never use and don’t want.  I also offer different levels of customization to accomodate any need, from the typical home user who just wants to browse the web, to the high end gamer who is looking for the best graphics, to the small business looking for a good, inexpensive server.

Frax Technologies also offeres Networking Solutions for both small businesses and consumers. Do you have a small office with a few employees and not have a means for them to quickly and easily share information? Do you have multiple computers in your home but don’t know how to link them together so you can share files between them? A network is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to share information between computers. In a business, it is vital that employees have a way to share files amonst themselves in a quick and intuitive way, and having a network can accomplish this, saving your employees time and you money. A network in the home can also be a great resource not only for sharing files amongst computers, but with many of the smart TVs on the market today, if you have a home network you can view videos or listen to music from any computer in the house right on your TV without ever having to worry about connecting another cord.

My goal, when I created Frax Technologies, was to give people an affordable resource for all their technological needs. I try to offer the widest range of services, at the best prices, with customer great service. If you have a computer related need and I haven’t covered it in one of my Services, please feel free to contact me and I would be more than happy to work with you to find an affordable solution.

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