Computer Services

Many people think that when they have trouble with their computer, it is time to just replace it, that repairing a computer is just too expensive. While this may sometimes be the case, and computers do need to eventually be replaced, often a computer can be repaired for much less than you would think, pushing the big expense of buying a computer off, sometimes for a few years.

Our computer services encompasses all aspects of computer repair, data recovery and upgrades. It is our goal to make keeping your current computer cheaper and easier than buying a new one. And when you do buy a new one, we can help move your data!


Computer Repair

Frax Technologies is equipped to deal with all aspects of desktop computer repair and many types of laptop repair. Whether the problem is a piece of hardware that is going bad (or has gone bad) or your computer has been affected by a virus, Frax Tech is your best shop for getting your computer back up and running at a price you can afford. Please contact for more information.


Data Recovery

Is your hard drive making a clicking sound? Are you buying a new computer and want all the pictures, music and documents off your old computer? Data Recovery is a difficult task that takes a lot of time, specialized equipment, and skill. Because of this, many places will charge an arm and a leg for data recovery, but not at Frax Technologies. I believe that people should not lose their wedding photos, photos of their children, or important documents just because they have a computer that no longer functions. I also believe it shouldn’t cost a lot to get those things back. Contact for more information and pricing.


Computer Upgrades

Many times a simple computer upgrade can be a great way to prolong the life of a computer and push back the inevitable purchase of a new computer for many times a year or two, saving you money and time. Frax Technologies specializes in computer upgrades, making them quick, easy, and inexpensive. Whether you are a gamer looking to get better graphics out of your games or you just want your computer to move quicker, Frax Technologies can advise you on the best upgrades to get within your budget to make your current computer do what you want to do. All while saving you money by extending the life of your current system. Email for pricing and details.


New Computer Migration and Setup

When it does come time to buy a new computer, there are a couple of things most people worry about: old data and what we call “bloatware.” The first of those, old data, referes to all the things you had on your old computer: pictures, videos, Word documents, spreadsheets, work files, and everything else we keep. For many of us, our computer is where most (if not all) of our photos are stored. Gone are the days of photo albums and CDs, this is a digital age. So when you buy a new computer, what happens to all those files? You need to move them to the new computer, but how do you do that? Frax Technologies has the tools and the know-how to move these files quickly and at a price you will find surprisingly resonable. Check with for more details and pricing.

How about when you get the new computer home, you turn it on and all those programs pop up? Many of these pre-loaded pieces of software on store bought computers are unnecessary, and often unused, by most users. This is what we call “bloatware.” Most of this software is on the computer for no other reason than that the manufacturer can say they include a “software suit” with the new computer purchase. But, there are a couple of concerns with this. Frist, it is quite annoying waiting for all of these programs to start when you turn on your computer every time, and second, every one of those programs are using system resoursce that could be used by the programs you actually want to use, in other words, slowing down the computer. Our New Computer Migration and Setup and get rid of these unnecessary programs and make your new computer run faster doing the things you want to do.

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