Custom Computers

While there are literally hundreds of choices out there when you go looking for a new desktop computer, it is my beliefe that the only way to get the best performance for your money is with a custom built computer. A custom computer can, in most instances, be cheaper and preform better than a store bought computer.

This is acheived in two main ways. First, using off the shelf parts, a computer can be customized to perform best for what it’s intended use is, therefore you don’t have to spend money for features you’ll never use. Second, all store bought computers come with what IT people refer to as “bloatware,” this is the software that the manufacture preinstalls on the computer so that they can put in their marketing that it includes a “Software Suit.” Bloatware not only slows a computer down, but can also be annoying when you are having to wait for it to load every time the computer boots up, or you have to close it so that you can do what you really wanted to do when you turned the computer on.

I don’t believe in bloatware. When Frax Technologies builds a computer it comes only with what you need, nothing else. Prior to building any computer, I like to meet with the client and find out what they will be using the computer for; will it be a web surfer or are you going to be running high end games? Will it primarily used to do school work, or maybe just work? Each of these computers require different levels of hardware and software, which can be taylored to your specific needs.

As for those annoying programs that start up when you turn the computer on, you won’t see any of those. Our computers are configured to boot up as quickly as possible, letting you start the software you need when you need it.

Are you interested in seeing what your options are? Take a look at our different basic systems, Browser, Gamer, and Extreme and compare our cost to those of the prebuilts on the market. Also, Please feel free to Contact Me for a consultation (which can be done in person, over the phone or via email) and quote.

Frax Technologies also builds small business servers customized to your business needs. Do you need a simple file server that everyone in the company can access? Contact Me for a consultation and quote.

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