• Web Design

    Every business, no matter the size, needs a website. See just how easy and affordable your website could be, just click here!

    Frax Technologies - Web Design
  • Computer Services

    Computer repair, data recovery, system upgrades and new computer setup and migration, Frax Technologies offers everything you need to keep your computer running for as long as possible.

    Frax Technologies - Computer Service
  • Custom Computers

    Custom computers can be a great alternative to store bought systems. Tailored to suit your specific needs at a price that will surprise you. Click here to learn more.

  • Networking

    Whether you have a small business and need to share files between multiple computers or you want to be able to easily movie files between your home computers, Frax Tech networking solutions can be tailored to perfectly suit your needs. Click here to learn more.

    Networking by Frax Technologies

Wed Design

A website is the single most valuable piece of marketing any company can have. Check out the Web Design page for more information.

Computer Services

Do you have to get rid of a computer when it stops working? In most cases no! Visit our Computer Services page to see how FraxTech can help prolong the life and usefulness of your current system.

Custom Computers

Time to replace your current system? Take a look at Frax Tech Custom Computers to see how you can get more computer for your money!


Having a Network is the best way to be able to share data between multiple systems, devices and TVs.